Conducting business not as usual.
“One of the causes we support is Mamas for Africa, who empower women in East Congo to escape poverty and inequality.”
“We believe the next generation should be provided with enough opportunity to live active lives.”
“Rick climbed the Mont Ventoux no less than 6 times. We provided his cycling suit.”
“We happily lend our RIB Boat to causes such as the ZZF Rally, a yearly event for children suffering from rare disorders and disabilities.”
“As car enthusiasts, sponsoring a racing team was a no-brainer.”
“To boldy go where no man has gone before!”
- Star Trek
Our team is comprised of a trinity that works together like a well-oiled machine. Consisting of a Finder (CEO), a Keeper (CFO) and a Doer (COO), following the Serhant-principle, we’re totally FKD.

Some people say that managing is easy. We disagree. Good leadership is hard work. We strive to improve ourselves so that our businesses thrive. We put together teams that work, and work hard. We lead by example. We have a nose for good opportunities. Studies and business cases have shown that this is the best way to stay on top in an ever-changing world. But only few actually have the balls to conduct business like we do.
Fortune favors the bold.
Creating an environment that is future proof.
Civil engineering and utility development, all under one roof.
From 2021 onwards, ESG has expanded operations with a new division called ESG | Tech. Among this group are Alphaplan, VGG and OmniformGroup. Together with our 160 colleagues we combine forces to broaden our vision and will continue to grow while remaining our personal values.

We know what the market is asking for and are able to offer just that. That’s what connects us.
Catering to the increasing demand of flexworkers due to the 24/7 online shopping environment.
The Robin to your Batman
Staffing| ESG is a combination of a practical and dynamic approach of supply of blue collar tempworkers from all across Europe to A-Brand companies.

We built it from the ground up. For over 14 years we have had a strong team dedicated to work for our common goals: ‘to provide the best service humanly possible.
A High-potential investment
Low frequency Wifi, high potential
With industry momentum mounting around a low power Wi-Fi® solution, Wi-Fi Alliance® has introduced Wi-Fi HaLow™ as the designation for products incorporating IEEE 802.11ah technology. Wi-Fi HaLow operates in frequency bands below one gigahertz, offering longer range, lower power connectivity to Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ products. Wi-Fi HaLow will enable a variety of new power-efficient use cases in the Smart Home, connected car, and digital healthcare, as well as industrial, retail, agriculture, and Smart City environments.
When work is a pleasure, life is a joy.
“We organize a barbecue for our colleagues and their families every year.”
“Our squad is squatting! We provide vitality moments at our places of work.”
“We strive to implement fun at our places of work, even if that means dressing up as the Dutch Santa Claus.”
“Our business team participated in an obstacle run in Rotterdam for 6 consecutive years.”
“We regularly organize tours through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam for both employees and business partners.”
“The most valuable thing you can invest is time.”
- Unknown
All work and no play makes any job tedious and boring. Consequence: people quit. This costs not only money but also reputation. That is why we strive to make work fun. Simple ideas often work the best and the pay-off is tremendous. We make people part of a team that we ourselves also take part in. Working alongside your team members keeps us sharp and shows that hard work pays off.